Antigua Island

Antigua, the vacation paradise boasts of all the facilities require for a fun filled holiday. an island in the Caribbean, Antigua is one half of the country Antigua and Barbuda. The country is also known by the name of Wadadli, which meant 'our own'. The island is among the top vacation destinations of the world with surprises waiting for the visitors at its every inch.

The capital city of the island is St. John's. The total population of the island stands at around 68,000 of which 24,000 abodes in St. John's. the topography of the island is predominantly flat showcasing the general Caribbean geography with the absence of any South ranges.

The island of Antigua is placed at 17° 6' N. and 61° 45' W., and is 54 miles in circumference. The total area of St John's is around 108 sq. miles. The island is often the victim of frequent droughts owing to the factors of absence of rivers, the rareness of springs, and almost complete deforestation. The average annual rainfall received by Antigua is about 46 inches, but the amount varies from year to year drastically.

The island is surrounded by the serene sea which calms the atmosphere and the attitude of the island as well. an ideal place for vacation, Antigua moves at its own pace. The island is dotted with high rocky coast, bays, sea and excellent harbors.

The island encompasses very fertile soil in the interiors. Sugar and pineapples dominate the crop. Other important crops are the sweet potatoes, yams, maize and guinea. Tourism too supports the industrial sector of the island with loads of tourists from every corner of the world flock in to the island for their dream vacation.

English is the major language spoken in the island and the islands economy is East Caribbean Dollar dependent. The island is famous for the sail show which begins in the month of May.

Last Updated On: 21th Jan 2013