Baja Island

The island lying in the gulf of California is a huge stretch of 35,000 acres of land. Baja Island is famous for being a real treat for the resorts and game of fishing. Baja Island is one of the most exciting uninhabited island in the parts of Central America, situated off the eastern coast of the Baja in the Cortez sea. The island possesses a coast line of 16 miles and it lies around 60 miles east of the large city in the area with an airport.

The island is dotted with dry and arid desert vegetation. The typography of the island features a ridgeline of mountains and peaks. The altitude of these peaks at places reaches around 2100 ft. The ridges run through the island from the northern front to the south. The sparkling streams run through the east to west side of the island through high buffs and steeper cliffs.

The charm of the island is its spring season along with the pleasant nights and soothing sea breezes. The exotic stretch of the beach is absolutely marvelous attracting tourists from all over the world.

All those who hold even a little interest in angling, Baja island is the perfect place to fulfill all your angling dreams. The island is surrounded by an abundance of sea life and it's a nature lover's delight. The ocean currents allow for the big game sea fishing in the island. fishing is slowly becoming an industry of this island.

The local lifestyle of Baja showcases the Mexican style and is home to a parfect old world charm.

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