Bay Islands

Bay Islands are popularly known as Islas de la Bahía is a part of Central American nation, Honduras. Bay Islands is among the 18 departments of Honduras. The Islands is a perfect example of an exotic sea destination featuring some of the stunning beaches and the marvelous coral reefs.

The Islands are considered as a paradise for snorkeling and scuba diving. The unspoiled coral reef allures thousands of tourist to the Island. The reefs feature stunning colors of the corals which adds a magical touch to any vacation.

The Islands are sub divided into major municipalities namely:

  • Guanaja
  • José Santos Guardiola
  • Roatán
  • Útila

    The departmental capital of the Islands is Roatán, which itself is a paradise to spend a vacation. The Islands covers a total area of 261 km². According to the 1991 census the total population of the department stood at 24,000 head count. The Bay islands comprises of several smaller islands like Roatán, Guanaja, Utila, Barbaretta, the Cochinos Cays, and several smaller islets. Though among them Roatán, Guanaja and Utila are the major ones. All the three major Islands have distinct characteristics which makes them distinct from the others.

    Island of Utila is a paradise surrounded by natural coral reefs with the topography characterized by plain land. This Island is a paradise for the scuba divers and snorkeling. Guanaja is dotted with Caribbean pine and features a untrodden piece of paradise with little development. Roatán, the largest of the lot is overlooked by a mountainous backdrop with the best of the beaches in the group of Islands. The Islands are visited by tourists from all over the world and each one of them is a competitor of the other in terms of beauty.

    The Islands were discovered by one of the greatest explorer of the world, Christopher Columbus, on his forth voyage to America in the year 1502. Since then the Islands has seen many federations taking control of its administration. The Islands were finally incorporated into the nation of Honduras on 14th March 1872.

    Spanish is the widely spoken language on the Islands. The locals are slowly but steadily learning English as tourism is widely regarded as the strongest industry.

    Bay Islands offers loads to explore for those who wants to add that 'extra' into their tour itinerary. For further information about Bay Islands, you can check out

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