Big Island

One of eight main islands that make up the U.S. State of Hawaii, the Big Island also known as Hawaii proper is shrouded with innate mystery that add to the charm of the island. There are different stories attributed to the origin of the name of the island itself. While some believe it to be christened after Hawai?iloa, a legendary Polynesian navigator who first discovered the Hawaiian Islands, there are other accounts, which claim that the Island's name is derived from the legendary land or realm of Hawaiki, or Havaiki, a place from which the Polynesians originated.

The land area of the Big Island is larger than the combined area of all other Hawaiian Islands taken together.

Big Island falls under the administrative domain of the County of Hawaii, with Hilo as the county seat. According to the Census of year 2003, the island is said to house an estimated population of 158,400 persons.

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