Bocas del Toro

The islets of Bocas del Toro are the spirit of Caribbean Panama. These are positioned in the acute western part of the country, which is 40 kilometers from the Republic of Costa Rica. This archipelago has the ideal blend of nature and chronological and artistic traditions, with a delightful diversity of marine species, coral reefs, mangroves, steamy forest, seashores with see-through water, uninterrupted forest with all the flora and fauna you can imagine.

Various interesting attributions exist behind the origin of the name of this archipelago. According to one school of thought, when Christopher Columbus landed at one of the paradisiacal beaches, he saw a variety of waterfalls in the form of "bocas del toro" (mouths of the bull). It is also said that Columbus notified a bulky rock on Bastimentos Island that has the form of a lying bull. For another theory, the sound of the enormous waves that hit the large rock that has volcanic origin creates a sound similar to the roaring of a bull.

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