Fraser Island

“The rewards of the journey far outweigh the risk of leaving the harbor.”

-- Unknown

The name of the world's largest sand island is Fraser Island . Since the timber and sand mining industries have been abandoned at this nature's paradise, it has found a place in the World Heritage List. Besides, this piece of land has become an eco tourism venue . What exactly have been attracting tourists for years at this island are exclusively its exceptional sand dune systems. Its rainforests on sand and the beautiful freshwater lakes are the other salient features of this gorgeous island.

Fraser Island is a giant sand island famous for its dingos, wildlife, native birds, rainforests, creeks, lakes, fishing and scenery.

The wildlife in this island is outstanding in its own way, including dingos that are the purest breed in Eastern Australia. Here one can find—




Sea eagles


Rainbow Lorikeets

Big loggerhead turtles


Across 124 kilometres and covering an area of 163,000 hectares, Fraser Island has developed over a period of 800,000 thousand years, and it's still being perfected. It may be impossible to explore every inch of its beauty, yet just a taste can leave you feeling enamored and mesmerized.

Hervey Bay is the gateway to Fraser Island. It is famous as a destination for worldwide backpackers . The whale watching industry has grown to a level where approximately 75,000 visitors per annum depart from Hervey Bay on daily basis, from August to Mid November.

Fraser Island's breath taking beauty and natural attractions makes it one of the most sought after destinations on the Fraser coast.

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