Galapagos Island Ferry

Galapagos is one of the best places to visit for its rich wildlife. The islands are located 600 miles off the coast of Ecuador. The archipelago was made popular destination in 1800s by the Darwin’s theory of natural selection and evolution. The archipelago of volcanic islands is composed of 13 larger islands, 6 smaller islands and more than 40 islets.

How to get around?

Since Galapagos is a group of islands, boats and cruises are most suitable mode of transport. The government-run Galapagos National Institute offers ferry service to all the major islands and spots of interests. Besides the ferry service, tourists can also purchase cruise package that not only takes people to different attractions in the Galapagos but also offer onboard accommodation. Water taxis could also be availed for exploring the inner pockets of the archipelago.

Major tourist attractions

As mentioned above, the Galapagos is a group of 13 larger and 6 smaller islands besides the several islets. So you can hop from one island to another, exploring different types of rare birds and animals in their natural, undisturbed habitat. The island of Santa Cruz serves as the base of tourists’ arrival and departure point. The island is the home to the giant tortoise and the Charles Darwin Research station. The island of San Cristobal has wonderful beaches apart from different types of marine lives. The island of Bartolome is known for a charred volcanic landscape while Española is an amazing place to watch the albatross bird species.

If you are planning to visit the archipelago, make sure you have adequate time to explore its wide range of beauty.