Grande Terre

The land identified as Grande Terre is the main island of New Caledonia. 400 km long from north to south and 50 km wide from west to east, this exotic piece of land allows luxury and soberness, excitement as well as mineral loneliness. New Caledonia has a versatile splendor, and is astonishing in its variety of landscapes. With an unequalled, mesmerizing charm, it has been attracting more and more tourists in search of the great tropical love affair.

  • The West Coast

    Land of stockmen and rodeos, this region presents wide open spaces where the niaouli (paperbark) reigns over the savanna. The West Coast is a magnificent land with its scarred mountains. It is also a warm welcoming land with its delightful white sand beaches, horse trekking in the mountain range, and numerous geological sites.

    Besides, the territory has a range of attractive tourist sights worth discovering. Here are some suggestions.

    Dumbea— a pleasant recreational region
    The Mount Koghi ark
    Mount Koghi pedestrian path
    Dumbea dam

    Païta— a land of Strawberry and flower farms
    Pioneer cottage

    Ancient rock carvings (pétroglyphes)
    La Foa— a small town surrounded by lush cane fields and beautiful Blackwood and araucaria pines
    Passerelle Marguerite

    Lebris peninsula
    La petite ferme

    Farino— New Caledonia's smallest municipality
    River and waterfall.
    Sarramea— a cool, green and historic place
    Table Unio and Col d'Amieu (425 m)--a wildlife reserve.
    Fo Are valley
    Sarraméa's Valley
    Feillet cascade and Dogny plateau.

    Moindou— a small township
    Fort Téremba
    Valley of the Moindou river.
    Bourail— a large farming town
    Pioneer museum
    Roche Percée
    Poé beach

    Poya— Vast plains of waving grass
    The Mé Maoya peak
    Adio cave

  • The East Coast

    Green shrubbery, gorgeous rivers and the ever-present sea… The eastern (windward) shores of the mainland of Grand Terre are magnificent. Journeying over the mountain range you will observe a number of Melanesian villages.

    The land has also some of the beautiful sights worth visiting.

    Thio— magnificent view over the islets off the East Coast

    Nakalé mining village
    Petit col Saint-Pierre"
    Moara beach
    Port Bouquet

    Canala— land of great economic potential
    Ciu waterfall
    The peak of the dead
    Nakéti Church
    Saint Pol beach

    Houaïlou— lush countryside
    The Kamoui and Néaoua valleys
    Coula et Bâ waterfalls

    Ponerihouen— meaning ‘Mouth of the River'
    The Tchamba valley
    Poindimie— set between the sea and the mountains
    Tiwaka valleys.
    The Koyaboa peak
    Tibarama islet

    Hienghene— magnificent countryside
    The view point overlooking Hienghène bay
    Lindéraliques rocks and caves
    The Hienghène, Gaavateh and Tanghène valleys
    Tao waterfall

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