Hong Kong

Hong Kong was always a major trade hub right from the time when the Chinese ruled the island. But the area started to gain attraction of the Chinese as well as the rest of the world again in the 19th century when the British established their regime. In fact these areas were collectively named Hong Kong after the British. Presently Hong Kong is governed by an elected administration with the Chief Executive heading the rule.

Hong Kong is located on the eastern side of the Pearl River Delta which lies to the south eastern coast of China. The south China sea falls on the southern part of the island and the Guangdong province in the north.

From the early ages Honk Kong has been an important trade hub. Presently, it is one of the most important international center of finance and trade. In fact it is China's riches region with the most liberal economy.

Geographically Hong Kong is divided into Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, and the New Territories. The Kowloon peninsula is connected to the New Territories which are attached to the mainland of China. The Sham Chun river flows across the mainland and Hong Kong. Hong Kong is constituted of 236 islands. Lantau is the largest among them followed by Hong Kong island itself. Ap Lei Chau is the most densely populated island of Hong Kong.

As a harbor Hong Kong stands tall among all of these in the world. With brilliant facilities it has carved its way to the top of the list. Hong Kong also has the best facilitated airport in the world.

With an absolute cosmopolitan civilization Hong Kong is home to various cultures of the world. Though Chinese is the dominant one, still other cultures too find their way in the island. It is a perfect example of a place where east meets west. In fact all aspects of life in Hong Kong reflects this attitude.

For the tourists Hong Kong is a dream shopping vacation. You name the rand and the outlet is there in Hong Kong. From the latest European trends to the ethnic Chinese clothing; Hong Kong has it all. It also encompasses the traditional Chinese shops along with the huge state of the art shopping malls.

The night life of Hong Kong is another attraction of this grand island for the travelers. The districts of Lan Kwai Fong (Central) and Wanchai are the entertainment headquarters of the island.

Other than all these Hong Kong also features few beaches in its topography. The tourists can indulge in the water sports and other activities related to the sea.

Once in Hong Kong you are never going to miss out on happenings. Doesn't matter what time it is? The island never sleeps!

Hong Kong offers loads to explore for those who wants to add that 'extra' into their tour itinerary. For further information about Hong Kong, you can check out

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