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Islands in South America

Islands in South America are perfect locations for spending relaxed vacation. Whether it is Brazil, Venezuela, Cuba, Argentina, Chile or other destinations, you will love the places.

Find details of the top 3 islands of South America for vacation so that your trip planning becomes easy:

Falkland Islands

It is one of the most celebrated archipelagos in the off coast of Argentina. Natural beauty and wonders of wildlife are its specialties. You will love the penguins, pinnipeds, seals and albatrosses all around. You can enjoy the unpolluted environment, far away from the hustle bustle of urban life. Vast open spaces, seamless horizons, beautiful white sand beaches and clear blue skies will enchant you. Unwind with your beloved or family in the lap of exquisite nature.

If you want to enjoy wildlife watching Falkland Islands are the best places for you. You will be able to watch the rarest birds in the Falkland archipelagos. This place is famous for penguin watching. You can find cruise ships as well as yachts for visiting the island as well as expedition. Enjoy the relaxed life of the islands by fishing in the streams, rivers and coastal estuaries.

You can enjoy horse trekking, birding, tramping (cross country), photography and trout fishing in Falkland Islands, one of the most sought after islands of South America.

Cagarras Islands

This is another popular destination of tourists. You can enjoy the unhinged parties as well as wild beach life. Cagarras Islands is situated in Rio de Janeiro of Brazil. It is located near the famous Ipanema Beach. As this archipelago is uninhabited, it is a wildlife refuge for several marine birds and seagulls. You can even swim with dolphins in the water.

Besides seagulls, you will find marine avifauna, boobies and frigate birds, who build their nests every year. With lots of vegetation in the island, it is regarded as the lushest among the islands in the archipelago.

In the group of Islands, the longest one is the 'Trousers Island' or Ilha Comprida. Its calm beach is especially attractive for divers. They can dive in the waters of Comprida to enjoy the underwater sight, which includes a recent ship wreck.

Laje da Cagarra is another island of the archipelago, which is nearest to the mainland. This island is not frequented by visitors because of difficulty in navigation. Another island of this archipelago is Ilha Filhote, which has a natural pool in it.

Isla Navarino

This island is a special favorite of travelers. It has thin population and is well known for its thrilling sea passages and dramatic landscapes. Isla Navarino is situated in the tail end of Chilean Patagonia. This is the perfect location for hikers. They set their camps around streams and lakes. It became extremely popular among people when Charles Darwin visited this place in 1832.

You can reach this island either by air or ferry. You can ferry to this island from Punta Arenas, which is located around 215 miles away. This island is important from anthropological as well as archaeological points. It is the place where the remnants of Yahgan culture can be found. Travelers can visit last member of the tribe, Christina Calderón, who is in fact the last person to know the isolated Yahgan language. Get thrilled to meet such a person.

Some other islands to visit in South America are Easter Island, Paquetá, Isla de Margarita and Chiloé. Visit these places to recoil in the arms of nature.

South America Islands
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