So far Madagascar is concerned, what comes first in mind is a unique and diverse species of wildlife. The Republic of Madagascar which was previously known as the Malagasy Republic and the Democratic Republic of Madagascar has faced major socioeconomic and political changes during the previous century. However, still the varied wildlife of this exotic island is more or less intact. And that particularly has been attracting tourists for years.

Madagascar wildlife:

Madagascar—a lonely piece of land about twice the size of Arizona—has consumed probably the highest biodiversity on the planet. 150,000 species of roughly 200,000 ones are endemic. There are more than—

50 types of lemurs

99 percent of frog species and

36 genera of birds

Madagascar is home to 100 percent of the world's lemurs. Some species found in Madagascar have their nearest relatives not in Africa but in the South Pacific and South America.

Tourist activities:

A most lively journey for the adventurous people centres on Madagascar. The tourist who is either an amateur of wild spaces or fond of the wilderness Madagascar is no doubt the one destination for him.

•  Relax on the desert beaches

•  Dive to search for the dolphins and tortoises

•  Canoeing on the river of Tsiribihina

•  Camp out in the Tsingy of Bemaraha or in the middle of the National parc Isalo

Madagascar offers many to explore for those who look for some adventures in their tour. Here one can have information about—

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