Mauritius Cruises

“The voice of the sea speaks to the soul. The touch of the sea is sensuous, enfolding the body in its soft, close embrace.”

---Kate Chopin (The Awakening)

Probably the feelings quoted in the above lines come first in the mind when one boards on a ship to reach the exotic Mauritius. Mauritius—the oasis of peace in the blue sea, is the most accessible piece of land in the Indian Ocean. Being an island, Mauritius became one of the magnificent destinations waiting to be explored for the British and the French. Though nestled up alongside Africa, it's actually more influenced by Indian workforce. Mauritius Cruises would give you the opportunity to make your holiday in this island a perfect getaway.

Sail the West Coast:

Home to a school of dolphins, the west coast would offer you the unparallel sight of the Tamarin Bay during your voyage. Keep your eyes wide open to relish the wonder of the sea. And it's not only sailing, but also swimming and snorkeling in the bay. The spectacular view of the Rempart mountain and Black River would make your trip a fabulous one.

Eastern Sailing Magic:

Make a magic trip to the sheltered waters of the east coast lagoon. Cruising in this lagoon would give you the chance to admire the stunning mountain scenery from the sea. White beaches fringed by the warm blue waters as well as the estuary of Grande Rivière Sud Est and its waterfall would explain you the perfect meaning of holiday.

Ile aux Cerfs:

The renowned island of Ile aux Cerfs is a temptation to relax and enjoy a day of self-indulgence. Sun worshipping on the alluring white beaches or swimming in the warm turquoise waters adds a new charm to your journey.

Northern Islands Sailing:

Sail from Grand Baie to Ilot Gabriel . It is a charming island at the north of Mauritius, secluded by its own tranquil waterbody. There are sandy sun lit beaches; crystal waters would rejuvenate your soul. There is also the scope for swimming and snorkeling.

Undersea Adventure and Grand Baie:

Take pleasure in the unique skill of the Undersea Walk on the ocean bed in submarines. Experience the colorful marine life of the Indian Ocean. Walk on the seabed near the reef or dive to over 30 metres in a real submarine.

Just grab the opportunity of Mauritius Cruises and enjoy a perfect holiday during your sail. offers information on Mauritius Cruises. For more information about Mauritius hotels and other islands worldwide, keep browsing through Travour.

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