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Island Adventures

Long across the serene sea lies the scoop of land garnished with the delights of nature and fun. This is an Island and is full of adventure. Island adventure is a part and parcel of a perfect holiday in an island. An island is gifted with many natural surprises like tropical forests, sea beaches, mountains and many more. Its always adventurous exploring all!

The fun never stops in an island. From the very early morning to the late hours of the night the island never sleeps. Kick start your day with a light jog or even a walk down the sandy beaches. The basking sun awaits you for a tanning session in the afternoon. The evening belongs to the sunset and the night to the beach parties. Its all happening at the beach!

If you don't have affinity towards sand then the forests can quench your thirst of adventure. An expedition into the unknown traits of the woods with the tropical vegetation and the colorful wildlife will definitely enthrall you. Enjoy the fun of Birdwatching and tracing the unusual animals at their mischievous best.

Trekking can be another way of exploring an island. Make your choice of trekking on your feet or hire a bicycle. Conquering the hilly terrains of the small hills is truly adventurous. Expand your horizons of adventure with the trekking through the forests.

The sea is waiting for you with all its hidden treasures! Get set for a session under the sea. The scuba divers will take you to an adventurous tour deep into the unknown world called the sea or ocean. Witness the stunning creatures of this unknown world. The colors will surely amaze you!

Up on the land the water sports are just fabulous. You have a wide range of fun sports to choose from. Go for Water skiing or Para sailing the fun is unlimited. You can also enjoy a host of other water sports once you are on an island.

The world is dotted with many islands providing such adventures. Some of them are Bali, Borneo Hong Kong, Maldives, Phuket Island, Penang and many more. offers information about Island Adventures along with other travel tips. For further details keep browsing through Travour.



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