Lanai is the smallest of the six major Hawaiian Islands and is popularly known by the nickname of Pineapple Island as it was because of its past as an island-wide pineapple plantation in the past. The small settlement of the Lanai City is the only town on the island.

The shape of this Enchanting Island somewhat resembles the shape of a comma stretching to a width of 18 miles in the longest direction. The Island covers a total land area of 140.53 square miles (363.97 km²) and is separated from the other Hawaiian Islands by various channels. The Kalohi Channel separates it from the island of Moloka?i in the north, and the ?Au?au Channel separates Lanai from Maui to the east.

According to the United States Census Bureau, Lana?i is defined as Census Tract 316 of Maui County. The total population of the Island is placed at a figure of 3,193 by the 2000 census.

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