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Islands in Europe

Top Islands in Europe


It is part of the north Aegean islands, situated in Turkey. This island is characterized by splendid scenery, great beaches, delicious foods and excellent ambience. Bozcaada is also known as Tenedos.

The crystal clear water around the coves of the island is a treat to the eyes. There are many big as well as little coves here that will simply mesmerize you. You along with your friends and family members can enjoy swimming in the cold waters here.

In the southern shore, there are two bays - Habbele and Ayazma, where day trippers can stay in the resorts. To visit this place, you have to avail the minibus service, the only conveyance available. In this place you can rent chaise longues, sunshades, and showers. Here, you can dine and gorge the delicious foods throughout the day.

Some of the must-visit places in Bozcaada include monuments, windmills, castle, wineries, galleries, museum, Göztepe and Ayazma Monastery. You can rent bicycles, cars or bikes to roam around this awesome island.


Madeira is an archipelago in Portugal. This place has become one of the most coveted places for vacation lovers. Some of the aspects without which visit to the island will be incomplete are exquisite Madeira wine, great works of embroidery artisans, landscapes and flowers. During New Year, it organizes the largest fireworks show in the world. From economic perspective, this island is considered as the second richest region of Portugal.

One of the largest cities of this autonomous island is Funcula. You can relish the delicious cuisines and enjoy the relaxing promenade. If you are adventurous in nature, you can enjoy mountain walks, sailing, Levada walking, hiking, scuba diving, surfing, canoeing, big game fishing and paragliding.

Enjoy your stay at Madeira with marvelous sceneries, exquisite ambience and friendly attitude of people.

Outer Hebrides

This island of Scotland is famous for its sceneries. People flock here from all over the world to cherish the beauty and splendor of this picturesque place.

The Inner Hebrides is separated from Outer Hebrides by sea in the south of the island and Minch and Little Minch channels. If you want to mingle with the inhabitants of this island then you have to visit Lewis and Harris, where most of the population of this island lives. This is one of those places in Scotland where people still speak in Scottish Gaelic language.

This place is historically significant too. It is inhabited for more than 4,000 years. You will find numerous prehistoric remains here. At Callanish of Lewis, you can check out the megalithic stone circle. Stonehenge is another one having historic significance. Know about the historic significance of this place and get thrilled by visiting it.

You can cherish the countryside of this place. Traditional tenant farming is known as Crofting. You can enjoy the mood of village community here. Fishing is an important part of the coastal life of Outer Hebrides. Enjoy the scenic beauty of the harbor.

People of this island are very friendly and will make you feel at home. You will get decent lodging facilities as per your needs and budget. Enjoy the beaches and ambience of Outer Hebrides.


Apart from the top 3 islands, there are other travel-worthy islands in Europe. Some of them are Capri, Sicily, Mallorca and the Balearics, Shetlands, Krk and the Northern Adriatic Islands, Mykonos and the Cyclades, Lipari and the Aeolian Islands and many more.

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