Amelia Islands

Lying on the Northeastern front of the of Florida amidst the great Atlantic, Amelia Islands is one of the favored choice of the vacationers. The island is always up to the task of delivering the best of vacation to its visitors. The island always delights the vacationer with loads of surprises hidden in each corner. The white sandy beaches stretching up to 13 miles in length is truly a place where heaven lies. Discover the varieties of shells, shark's teeth and other items of treasure brought to the beaches by the waves.

The island is famous for its various festivals celebrated all through the year. Among them the premier one is the yearly Shrimp Festival in downtown Fernandina Beach. In reality Amelia doesn't need an occasion to celebrate, rather the best occasion to celebrate in Amelia is Life!

The Amelia Islands is a part of the bigger island group called the Sea islands. It lies at the Southernmost tip of the Sea islands group. The dimensions of the island is 13 miles long (21 km) and approximately 4 miles (6 km) wide at its widest point.

It's a paradise for the sea lovers as the island provides host of activities to enjoy. The activities includes sailing, kayaking, and six championship golf courses. The island comes with a tasty surprise of numerous restaurants lying all over the island and quenching the thirst of the food lovers.

Travelers will not find any difficulty in going around the island as English is the most widely spoken language. The population of the island stands at the43,941 count as per the 1990 census.

Amelia Islands offers loads to explore for those who wants to add that 'extra' into their tour itinerary. For further information about Amelia Islands, you can check out offers information about Amelia Islands along with other travel tips. For further details keep browsing through Travour

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