Margarita Island

Welcome to the tropical Caribbean island paradise of Isla Margarita popularly known as the Margarita Island. This Venezuelan beauty sits pretty off the north coast of Venezuela and is adorned with golden palm fringed beaches. The mild breezes from the Caribbean Sea caress the enchanting face of this island, which has recently exploded on the map of Island tourism, offering an unforgettable vacation to people of all ages and varied penchants.

Margarita Island comprises of two sections separated by 24 km. sand spit, which acts as a ginger link between the two mainland. This sand spit also acts as a divide between the sea and the fascinating Restinga Lagoon National Park. Margarita Island stretches 67 km from east to west ( Punta Ballena to Punta Arenas) and 32.4 kms. from north to south. Its 167 km. long enchanting shoreline is dotted with several exotic beaches, captivating the tourists world over with their esoteric charm.

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