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Islands in Africa

Looking for a rejuvenating break away from the usual daily grind? Come to Africa with its dazzling bouquet of pristine islands, each of which is a coastal paradise nestled in the lap of luxuriant waters of the Indian Ocean. The dynamism of the continent is amply reflected in its contrasts and colors. Embrace the divine work of nature reflected in these islands complete with angelic beaches, sapphire waters, breathtaking sunsets and unlimited joy. Doesn't matter if u are looking for a busy budget conscious vacation or a luxurious long pleasure trip. Africa has something in store for everyone.

Grande Terre

Grande-Terre is the eastern island of Guadeloupe, separated by a salt river from its western counterpart Basse-Terre. Together then fan out in the sea in the shape of a butterfly. He island is actually a limestone plateau with a concave coastline surrounded by coral reefs.

  • Area: it is 400 km long from north to south and 50 km wide from west to east
  • Climate: Tropical
  • Currency: CFP Franc


    Madagascar officially called Republic of Madagascar, is located in the Indian Ocean, off the eastern coast of Africa, close to Mozambique. Madagascar, the fourth largest island in the world is the main island of this nation and houses five percent of the world's plant and animal species, 80 percent of which are endemic to Madagascar

  • Area: 592,800 sq. km (228,880 sq. mi.)
  • Climate: tropical coastline, temperate inland, arid in south
  • Currency: Malagasy franc (MGF)


    Welcome to Mauritius for the vacation of your dreams.

  • Area: 1865 sq km/720 sq mi
  • Climate: The climate is tropical with warm, dry winter (June to September) and hot, wet, humid summer (October to May).
  • Currency: Mauritian Rupee (MUR)
  • Languages Spoken: English is the official language though French is also understood most over the island. Inhabitants speak Creole throughout the island.


    Enjoy the personal attention you get when on a holiday at Reunion.

  • Area: 2,517 sq km
  • Location: Located in Southern Africa, the island of Reunion lies in the ember velvet of Indian Ocean, east of Madagascar.
  • Climate: tropical, but temperature moderates with elevation; cool and dry from May to November, hot and rainy from November to April
  • Currency: Euro (EUR)

    Sao Tome and Principe

    São Tomé and Príncipe is a developing nation, made up of two islands of São Tomé and Príncipe. These Virgin Islands are still to become a mass tourism destination, hence offering the perfect intimate setting for a honeymoon couple. These islands nestle off the western coast of central Africa and are bay and large of volcanic origin. The lush green forests, azure beaches and the breathtaking sunsets form the perfect backdrop for a romantic getaway.


    Flock to Seychelles for a fun filled holiday packed with various water sports.

  • Area: 455 SQ KM
  • Climate: Tropical marine
  • Currency: Seychelles
  • Languages spoken: English, French


    The Spice island of Zanzibar welcomes you to spend quality time with friends and family on its pristine beaches. Situated off the coast of Tanzania in the Indian Ocean, this island nation was once the commercial centre of East Africa and the last place to abolish the slave trade. Today it displays a tableau of ancient Islamic ruins and noble Arabic houses with miles of silver sandy palm fringed beaches and coves.

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