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South Pacific Islands

Let the light breeze of South Pacific Islands transport you to a reverie of passion, fun, adventure and relaxation. Plan you South Pacific Island Vacation with as your travel partner.


Let the serene beauty of Bora-Bora work its magic on you. Also known as the "Pearl of the Pacific" and" Jewel of the South Pacific", it's a master stroke of Nature with its enchanting islands and lagoons dotted with deep green volcanic peaks.

Cook Islands

The Cook Islands form a part of Polynesia and are situated 3500km (2200 miles) northeast of New Zealand and 1000km (600 miles) southwest of Tahiti in the South Pacific. Christened after Captain James Cook, who became the first European to sight them in 1733, these islands have been used as the setting for several films, given there picturesque beauty. For a stimulating experience, come to Cook Islands where the natural beauty of its wide spread chain of sun bleached atolls and volcanic green islands will make your island vacation an unforgettable one.


Make memories of a lifetime with your dream vacation in the Fiji Island. A popular Wedding and Honeymoon destination, Fiji Islands are an archipelago of over 330 islands packed with exclusive attractions and a unique experience for the visitor. Its glistening beaches are still to show signs of external influence and are hence a perfect sanctuary for nature lovers.

Marquesas Islands

The scenic beauty of Marquesas Islands awaits your discovery. The inspiring beauty of these islands have acted as a muse for various painters, poets, singers and writers, such as Jacques Brel, Paul Gauguin, Pierre Loti, V. Segalen and H. Melville. Come to Marquesas and behold the pristine beauty of its dense forests, the majestic waterfalls, a horde of wild horses on a deserted plateau, its violent and rocky coast, a bay which is a haven of peace and majestic and twisted peaks.

Other South Pacific Islands include:

  • New Caledonia
  • Papua New Guinea
  • Samoa
  • Solomon Islands
  • Tahiti
  • Tierra del Fuego

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