Balboa Island

Balboa Island is located in the Southern part of California. The island is an area of the Newport Beach. The island comprises of three different and artificial islets in the Newport Harbor. The islets are the Balboa Island (33°36'23?N, 117°53'40?W), the largest; followed by the Little Balboa Island (33°36'23?N, 117°53'16?W) lying to the east of Balboa Island, joined by a two-lane bridge; and the smallest Collins Island (33°36'31?N, 117°54'1?W) lying northwest to the Balboa Island and joined by a one-lane bridge with the largest islet. The three islets are connected with the mainland by a two lane bridge which serves as the roadways, few ferry service across the harbor to the Balboa peninsula.

Balboa is famous all around as one of the costliest real estate property. As a matter of fact Balboa Island is second only to Lower Manhattan in cost in terms of real estate property rates in whole of North America. Its only a millionaire's dream to buy a piece of Balboa Island.It is also said that Balboa Island is the first place from where the marketing of the frozen chocolate banana started. You will find shops on the streets of the island selling the tempting frozen banana chocolate.

Presently Balboa Island is home to numerous professionals, families, retirees, students and celebrities for its facilities and state of the art infrastructure. Over the years the island has developed into one of the exciting tourists destination of North America.

The laid back attitude and the fizzy spirit of the locals attracts the holiday makers to the island in large numbers. The mind-set of the island is always carefree and creative. Some thing or the other keeps the island awake all through the hours of a day. Enjoy the partying on the island along with the exotic flavors of the enticing food.

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