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Islands in Central America

Baja Islands

A must visit for any eco explorer; the Baja islands have effortlessly preserved a unique ecosystem in its unspoilt islands and coastal waters. The beauty of the exotic island has to be seen to be believed. The rich floral and faunal assemblage in the uninhabited islands of Baja draws hordes of wildlife enthusiasts and photographers from world over. The picturesque view, complete with its diversified wildlife both above and under water make it a top island destination for one and all. Add to it various adrenaline and adventure activities like camping on deserted beaches, paddling through the translucent waters, snorkeling, whale watching, scuba diving, sea kayaking and so on and so forth and you have a perfect holiday destination.

Bay Islands

Welcome to the multi faceted Bay Islands, once a fishing colony and infamous as the doomed site of many shipwrecks, it consequently called for the very first light house to be erected in the Great lakes along with a fully manned Life Saving Service. Today it is a wilderness island with a rich avifauna to document amidst its vast stretches of wild flower beds. Currently managed by the U.S. Government as a wildlife reserve, it is frequented by water sport enthusiasts for its stunning diving spots.

Bocas del Toro

This is one Island that will make you unhappy as you leave behind the emerald islands, pristine beaches, sapphire waters, lush green forests, virgin mountains with bouncing rivers, extensive coral gardens, shady mangrove channels, and exotic wildlife at Bocas del Toro. The allure of this island makes many plan repeat trips to recapitulate the magic of holidaying at the Bocas del Toro

Cancun Island

The romantic charm of this island has bowled over many honeymoon couples and leisure travelers alike. If there is one island that has it all it is Cancun with its hands full with silvery beaches glistening in the sun, turquoise sea waters, lavish dining option ranging from hawker fare to specialties of master chefs in the chic restaurants, a pulsating nightlife, endless shopping opportunities, golfing and water sports, full-service spas, and even archaeological relics. So what are you waiting for?

Cocos Island

The unique flora and fauna of the Cancun Island is its crowning glory. It has fast exploded as a top class wildlife destination of many eco explorers.


Endearingly relaxing, the Cozumel islands offer a perfect retreat for a long pleasure trip as the Cozumel air takes care of your mind, body and soul. The water sports galore at the Cozumel ensure that the sports enthusiasts do not over look this Island destination either. Enjoy scuba diving, Dune Buggy Tours & snorkeling in the clear waters of the sea and make memories for a lifetime.

Isla Mujeres

Be charmed by the exotic natural beauty of the island, its breathtaking sunsets and the rich lineage of Mexican culture reflected in the warm hospitality of the people there. Blessed with a bounty of Nature the island has a diverse landscape carved with cliffs, archaeological imprints and marine parks with incredible natural reefs.

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