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Island Honeymoon

"Meeting you was fate, becoming your friend was a choice, but falling in love with you I had no control over."

This is one wants to feel in his/her honeymoon. The sweetest time in a couples life. A time to savor all your life. And the best place to celebrate the occasion is an island. Surrounded by the untamed sea and covered by the canvas of God. An Island Honeymoon is everyone's dream. A destination to surrender oneself in each other's arms.

Forget all your blues and hit the purple patch of your life in your Island Honeymoon. Far from the usual hustles of the city life enjoy the quality time with your soul mate in the serenity of the island dotted with picturesque locales.

Imagine getting up in the morning with the sound of the sea; enjoying a sunbath with your partner, a moment of closeness; walking down the wet sand of the long beaches in the evening leaving your foot steps behind with a romantic story to tell; witnessing the glorious sun going down the horizon; leaving behind all the world and cherishing every melting moment of the candle light dinner, a moment of oneness. The moments you would want to revisit again and again. This is the magic of honeymoon in an island. Alone, marooned yet the happiest place on earth.

Its not just the romanticism but also the adventure and fun covering the islands which makes them more attractive. Be it the happening beaches or the water sports, you can enjoy every moment of your honeymoon to its best.

The food is going to make your day at these islands. Sizzle with the sizzlers or spread the fragrance of your romance with the flavors of the exotic spices. Taste the wonders of the world of sea at the beach restaurants.

You can visit a number of islands spread all over the world for your honeymoon. From Phuket to Ko Phi Phi, fun will be permanent companion. You can plan your honeymoon in islands namely Hong Kong, Maldives, Penang, Bali, Sri Lanka and many more. offers information about Island Honeymoon along with other travel tips. For further details keep browsing through Travour.



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