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Micronesia Islands

Micronesia is a pasticcio of island nations situated in the western Pacific Ocean. Dynamic with its color and contrasts, it is an interesting montage of antediluvian charm tenaciously clinging on to its modern face-lift. A sum of opposition- remote, yet strategic in time of war; self-governing, yet dependent on American subsidy, the island has an intriguing chromatic character. The individual history and character and natural development of each island group makes it a rich cultural conglomerate with a proud legacy of traditional inheritance, their contemporary lifestyles, landscapes and spectacular ruins, and artifacts of the last great conflict in the Pacific.


Experience the cultural uniqueness of Guam, as it proudly displays American and Asian influences in its everyday lifestyle. An idyllic retreat for a long relaxing pleasure trip, Guam is a true island paradise known for its angelic beaches and plentiful shopping opportunities.

Marshall Islands

One of the superlative islands among the Micronesia Islands, Marshall Islands is the dream destination of any honeymoon couple. With vast stretches of isolated beaches, they have many sneaking opportunities to discover their passion. With endless list of activities for two romance is bound to bloom with the magical air setting the perfect ambience for intimacy.

Yap Island

A must visit for any eco traveler, Yap Island is the most intriguing archipelago in Micronesia and is an excellent example of a barrier reef with a narrow lagoon. The Island is a favorite haunt of adventurers as well due to its water sports galore and various other activities like gliding, diving, surfing and boat rides. Come to Yap Island and the spell is cast.

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Micronesia Islands
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