Block Island

1 Block Island means
17 miles stretch of sandy beaches
32 miles long natural trails
300 miles long stone walls
365 fresh water ponds; a pond for everyday of the year.

A journey into the eternal beauty. Into the paradise.

The little paradise lying on the coast of Atlantic is a popular summer destinations for the tourists from all over the world. The island was formed by the deposition of rocks and soil being pushed by the glacier around ten thousand years ago. Afterwards a cozy population of around 800 people settled in the Island as the inhabitants.

The island was discovered by the Dutch explorer Adriaen Block, after whom the island is named. The stunning views and a brittle ecology of the island makes it a surprise for everyone who visits it. The formation process of the island ensures the rarity in the animal life along with the isolation of this little paradise from rest of the world. Block can never be compared to any parts of the world as it is truly a unique and a natural rarity.

Come to Block Island to experience a whole new way of enjoying your life. Shed off the pace of the busy world and simply sink into the relaxed and laid back attitude of the island. the island move in its own pace never caring about the outside world. Even the dressing sense reflects the relaxed attitude as dressing up for the occasion in the island means to slip into a pair of shorts and a t-shirt.

Do not make the mistake of asking about the beach in the island. you might get confused as the locals might show you different directions, and ironically al of them will be right! Well, as myth would have it, Block Island is created on earth to ensure that everyone should enjoy their own sweet time and own sweet space on the beach.

New Shoreham is the only town in the island. the island attracts tourists as one of the hot spots for cycling on the natural trails of the island. other attractions are the two historic light houses on the two distinct corners of the island.

Block Island offers loads to explore for those who wants to add that 'extra' into their tour itinerary. For further information about Block Island, you can check out

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