Vacation Islands

An Island is defined as the piece of land lying surrounded by water from all its sides. An island may lie in the midst of a lake or river or a sea or even an ocean. Depending upon their positions the names differ. The one lying in the lake or river is called an eyot. An island lying in the midst of sea or ocean, which is smaller in size is called an islet.

Again a group of islands forms an archipelago. The origin of the word Island came from the island nation Iceland, which in the native language of the country means island. Our Earth is dotted with thousands of islands lying all across its geographical area. From Arctic to Antarctica, from Hawaii to Hokkaido, Islands are omnipresent. As a matter of fact some of the countries are simple conglomeration of many islands.
Islands in today's world have become synonymous with vacation. Islands are the hottest spots for holidaying. The long sandy beaches, the tropical climate, the amazing wildlife, the palm fringed beaches, the exotic sea foods …….. the list of alluring items in an island is never ending.
Islands around the world serves as a great getaway from the busy life. A truly pristine place to relax. An island vacation has something to offer for every age and for every taste. From morning to late in the night the holiday islands never sleep.

(Last Updated on 27-April-2011)