Fiji Cruises

Composed of an enchanting chain of 330 tropical islands, each different from the other with an individual character of its own, Fiji Island offers magnificent cruising opportunity among the most scenic sea passages, as an emerald dot on the horizon slowly transforms to a picturesque island some bustling with beach lovers and some unspoiled by the evils of overdevelopment. This combined with the old Fiji tradition of warm hospitality with which the locals welcome the tourists, makes Fiji Cruises a peerless cruising experience.

Cruising in Fiji

The Fiji islands resemble an artist's impression of a dream island in peacocks green surrounded by sparkling turquoise waters, an impression that often floated in your mind when you envisaged a paradise on earth in you childhood. Welcome to this paradisiacal island and experience the most splendid déjà vu you can ever have. Breathtaking views of the Fiji coastline, glittering lagoons and colorful marine life all await your arrival on Fiji Cruises.

The tourists can take the pleasure of cruising through the Fiji waters on day and sunset cruises, luxury yachts and motorboats with full accommodation and chartered yachts, which take you on a personalized exploratory tour of these beautiful and mystical islands.

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