Tourist Attractions in Galapagos Island

Do not miss to include these stellar Tourist Attractions in Galapagos Island in your itinerary.

  • Charles Darwin Research Station, Puerto Ayora, Santa Cruz
    A nature center dedicated to preserving the Galapagos ecosystems is spearheaded by a committed team of more than two hundred scientists, educators, research volunteers and support staff, passionately working for a common cause.

  • Visit the Sierra Negra Volcano, Isabela

  • Darwin Trail, Genovesa

    Take a hike along this natural trail that commences at Darwin Bay Beach and leads to many seabird colonies, most notably those of the Red-footed and Masked Boobies. A must visit for any birdwatcher this hiking trail maneuvers its ways through many cliffs and tide pools along the way, giving a chance to explore the exotic nooks of the island.

  • Darwin Bay, Genovesa

    It will be a sin for the wildlife enthusiasts to miss this Bay named after Charles Darwin, the famous scientist and naturalist who created the Origin of Species theory. This scenic bay teeming with wildlife does complete justice to the legend of Darwin.

  • Cousin's Rock, Santiago

    Dice into this underwater site for an unique opportunity to view sea lions and morays up-close. It is an important site of geological information sitting off the north Coast of Santiago Island.

  • Take the exciting ship tour on M/V Galapagos Explorer II, Galapagos Islands

  • Wolf Island, Galapagos Islands

    The only inhabitants of this isolated island are sea birds resting by the quiet waters in its bay (formed by the island's caldera). Underwater diving and snorkeling are allowed here.

  • Darwin Island, Galapagos Islands

    Popular as one of the whale shark capitals of the world, this isolated island draws huge crowds for "big animal" diving available here.

  • Dragon Hill (Cerro Dragon), Santa Cruz

    The main attraction of this portion of Santa Cruz is its numerous iguanas that have made this place their home.

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