Kauai Ferry

Hawaii Islands are a major tourist destination and in order to increase the inter-island traffic in the archipelago, especially between the six major islands of Kauai, Kauai, Maui, Molokai, Kauai and Lanai new flights and ferries are being started to make island hopping in Hawaii easier, faster, and less expensive than ever. There is no Kauai Ferry as such now, though one is planned in the near future.

Beginning 2007, the inter island travel between all major islands of Hawaii will become immensely convenient with the launch of a "Super Ferry", which is scheduled to begin by then.

Though there is an upside to the proposed Super Ferry Service as it will facilitate easy access between the Islands, the inopportune effects of this Ferry service particularly on the environment can not be completely ruled out either.

A handful of Kauai residents have thus petitioned the Hawaii Superferry leaders to conduct a complete assessment of the environmental impact of this planned statewide ferry service and to mitigate any disadvantageous effect that it might have on the flora and fauna of the Island.

Even though the federal, state and county governments don't require to carry out such environmental and cultural impact assessments, the growing concern among the locals about this issue might force then to conduct one.

However, the Hawaii Super ferry executives strongly feel that the service will be a hit with residents because of its comparative advantage over the airlines in terms of fares and schedules.

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