Big Island Ferry

A new high speed Inter Island Ferry will connect the Hawaiian Islands in 2007. The ferry service will however be extended to the Big Island of Hawaii only by 2009. The Super ferry Services seeks to revolutionize inter island travel by employing sound technology to transverse the rougher waters of the inter island channels. With the irregular air schedules and soaring airfares, the Big Island ferry service comes with a promise of bringing a winning combination of outstanding onboard amenities and entertainment with substantially lower fares than by Air, making it a preferred choice for inter island travel already.

To aid to the ferry travel and to add to the convenience of the tourists to reach the ferry dock, Arnotts Lodge will provide a shuttle service to get tourists from the Ferry Terminal on the other side of the Island to Hilo.

This ride is supposed to be the cherry on the cake as it adds to the terrific boat ride, as the road trip is likely to be on the newly realigned and upgraded Saddle Road, which is currently under construction making for a spectacular introduction to the Big Island, passing between two 14,000ft mountains at 6000ft.

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