Galapagos Island Cruises

It would not be incorrect to say that a large number of tourists visiting the Galapagos Islands usually spend a fair amount of their time undertaking a sailing and/or cruise tour. In fact, Galapagos Island Cruises are the best way to explore the diverse enchanting beauty of this archipelago of 13 volcanic islands and associated islets and rocks. The main attraction of this archipelago is essentially its luxuriant flora and the diversified animal kingdom including various species of birds, which acted as a muse for all the ideas and research of the great naturalist Darwin himself.

No wonder then that most of the cruises to the island concentrate on highlighting the rich floral and faunal mix that the island is gifted with.

Galapagos Island Cruises can be enjoyed aboard cruise ships of three different modes

  • High-end
  • Medium
  • Economical

    High-end cruises

    These generally involve yachts with crews of between 6 and 9. The maximum capacity of these yachts is up to 22 people. However, some of the large cruise ships can accommodate between 50 and 100 passengers for a party or special celebration on a cruise.

    Medium Cruises

    Usually these medium priced sailboats (yachts) or motorboats can accommodate up to 10 passengers.

    Economical Cruises

    These cheaper boats are usually motorboats that can seat up to 16 passengers.

    Some popular Galapagos Island Cruises provided by various cruise operators are

  • Galapagos Coral 6 Days
  • Galapagos Coral 7 Days
  • Galapagos Coral 8 Days
  • Galapagos Coral 11 Days
  • Galapagos Legend 6 Days
  • Galapagos Legend 7 Days
  • Galapagos Legend 8 Days
  • Galapagos Legend 11 Days
  • Quito and the Enchanted Galapagos islands 8 Days
  • The Avenue of Volcanoes and Galapagos Islands 9 Days
  • The Equatorial Andes 9 Days

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