Honeymoon in Bali

"Paradise is always where love dwells."

Jean Paul F. Richter

Bali is regarded as the paradise on earth. Visitors to this beautiful island will narrate the reason for that in a better manner. Honeymoon in such a place is even more exciting. The ideal place where love blooms. Love is always in the air in Bali. Every aspect of the place is filled with romance. The sea, the beaches associated with it, the picturesque volcanic mountains, the stay, the fun, the people, the temples and the spirit of the place. Everything put together is the perfect setting for a romantic honeymoon.

The peaceful and relaxing attitude of Bali creates an atmosphere very soothing for romantic outings and the unspoiled traits of the place sets a perfect backdrop for the never ending romance. The round the clock happenings will definitely bring you close to your partner. The early morning stroll down the sea, the sun bathing session and the evening long walks on the wet sands, holding each others hand leaving behind the trial of footsteps narrating the love story.

Bali is the perfect honeymoon destination for every kind of budget. You can choose from


Stay luxuriously at the most stunning Vilas with private owned tropical garden, private swimming pool and a well trained group of staffs to look after. Enjoy the spa and the luxury of air conditioned stay at the Vilas. Remain close to each other during your dream stay.


Anything for my love! If this is your mood in Bali and your pocket supports that then book a villa-like accommodation with private garden and a small swimming pool at some of Bali's 5-star hotels. You partner will love it!


You can avail the bargain for booking hotels in Bali. Get the true value for money.

Spend your day with your partner visiting the numerous temples in Bali. Enrich your spiritual knowledge with the lifestyle of the locals. Get enthralled with the traditional Bali dance and the festivals and events happening around the island.

Activities never stops in Bali. You can enjoy diving, snorkeling, rafting, hiking, biking, horseback riding and other adventure activities

Derive fun out of the Island cruises, nature trips and exotic birdlife.

As a matter of fact Bali is voted as the ultimate Honeymoon Island by many travel surveys. The year round pleasant climate and the friendly behaviour of the locals being the major reasonsother then the beauty of the place.

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