Antigua Cruises

The island of Antigua doted with beaches, beaches and beaches is like a paradise lying off the Caribbean coast in the continent of Southern America. The inhabitants feel proud to say that their island boasts a new beach for everyday of the year. No one has ever counted the number of beaches in the island but the edgy coastline makes it sure to be a beachy gem. Every other beach has its own only one of its kind appeal. These beaches makes Antigua a perfect island getaway, and what better way to enjoy this paradise island than a cruise holiday. Antigua cruise is famous throughout the world. The island provides excellent port facilities which paves the way for all possible International cruise liners to deck up at the port of Antigua.

A cruise vacation to Antigua is simply stunning with the blue sea water welcoming the tourists to the secluded island to spend some quality time in the piece of paradise. Almost all major cruise liners have Antigua as their stop connecting all the very best of the places of the world to it. The cruise vacations provide an all round entertainment for the tourists with the packaged tours like Antigua Excursion. These packages provides with the facilities of:

  • Beach and Water Excursions
  • Water Sport Excursion
  • Adventure and Sports Excursion
  • Sight-Seeing Excursion
  • Nature Excursion

Other major cruise vacations to Antigua are

Montserrat Day Tour, providing

  • High Speed Ferry
  • Lunch
  • Island Tour
  • Live Soufriere Volcano
  • Rainforest
  • Historical Sites

and Green Island Tour.

Some of the International cruise services connecting Antigua to the rest of the marine worls are

  • P&O Cruises, Arcadia

  • Princess Cruises, Crown Princess

  • P&O Cruises, Oceana

  • Carnival Cruise Line, Carnival Liberty

  • Disney Cruise Line, Disney Magic

  • P&O Cruises, Aurora

  • Princess Cruises, Sun Princess

  • Norwegian Cruise Line, Norwegian Spirit

  • Princess Cruises, Sea Princess

  • MSC Italian Cruises, MSC Lirica offers information about Antigua Cruises along with other travel tips. For further details keep browsing through Travour

Last Updated On: 21st Jan 2013