Antigua Ferry

Antigua is all about sun drenched beach country and warm jade sea waters. Winter is perhaps the perfect time to be in this piece of Caribbean paradise. There are more than 365 beaches in this part of the world, so gear up for a real Robinson Crusoe style holiday! While you are planning a vacation to the sunniest island on the Caribbean, remember to hop on to a ferry that takes you to Barbuda. This is where you’ll see thousands of sea birds in their natural habitat. A sight you wouldn’t want to miss for the world!

The V.C. Bird International Airport is well connected to cities in America and other parts of the world.

Speaking of Antigua, the land is rife with historic legacy, art and culture. So it is not just raw natural beauty that’ll enamor you but the rich local heritage as well. If you have enough time in hand we suggest you hop on to one of the local ferry’s that ply to and from Antigua to other islands on the Caribbean. The experience is something that cannot just be put into words.

Exploring the island is an exciting affair and to add more zing to your exploration simply jump into one of the available ferries available on the ports. Antigua ferry service gives an exciting opportunity to its tourists to sail off to remote islands. The ferry service connects the island of Antigua to many parts of the Caribbean and the other half Barbuda as well. These are usually service provided on the speed boats and catamarans. The ferry services also provide various tour packages to different places in and around Antigua.

The most common ferry service operating from the island is the Antigua Barbuda ferry service which uses the Barbuda Express, an innovative catamaran using the wave piercing technology to provide maximum comfort to the a passengers and attain maximum speed too. This annual service takes around 90 minutes to cover the distance between Antigua and Barbuda and is used most conveniently for the business purpose. The Barbuda express runs five days a week between St Johns and Barbuda.

The ferry service enables the passengers to enjoy a day out in the island. the schedule includes a convenient day at St Johns and enjoy the retreat to Barbuda. The ferry also allows the passengers to carry their belongings and luggage. . Another ferry service in the island is the Opale Express ferry, a modern rendition of the older version. This service provides air-conditioned catamaran accommodation up to 200 passengers at a time. The catamaran service connects Antigua to different parts of Caribbean.