Barbados Ferry

Barbados is also often referred to as the Little Britain of the Caribbean for its association with the United Kingdom, it still has Queen Elizabeth II as the Head of the State. The place is one of the most popular tourist attractions here.

Getting around Barbados

Ferry service

This is only ferry service that operates to the island. BEDY Oceanline is the company that runs ferry service from St. Lucia to Barbados six days a week. The trip takes around 3 hours. Since ferry service timings changes quite frequently, it is recommended to enquire time and day before coming here. Besides, a number of cruise ships also sail to the island.

Other modes of transports

Bus is one of the best ways of exploring the island. It is not only affordable but also covers major tourist attractions on its route. A car could also be rented, provided one doesn’t have a budget constraint. Mopeds and bikes are also quite popular. They are not only affordable but also more suitable to explore the areas that are not accessible with buses or cars.

Tourists should book their accommodation in advance in order avoid the hassle of finding accommodation at the right moment.