The sound of music is flowing from a distance, long across the sea. The sound of vocals and instruments is casting a magical spell in the minds of the tourists. Welcome to the land of music and beauty. A rare combination of beauty and brains! Welcome to Sardinia. One of the most interesting musical destinations of the world.

The island beckons of a history which dates back to 150,000 BC. The ancient Sardinian's came in contact with the rest of the Mediterranean by the inception of the special trade in their community. Traces of grapes which dates back to 1200B.C. too have been found in the island. It is said that the local Cannonau wine is made from these grapes which can easily qualify them as the mother of all European wines.

The island is also the home to the oldest Vocal Polyphony of the world. The island also credits itself to be the work land of musical greats such as Frank Zappa, Ornette Coleman and Peter Gabriel (ex- Genesis front man). Many other musical greats and many musical nodes and antinodes were formed on this beautiful island.

The island also beckons a rich natural resource of rare and uncommon animals. Ironically species like the viper and the marmot which are common to other parts of the world are not found in the island of Sardinia. The tourists can enjoy some of the superb tourists areas namely Costa Smeralda and Gennargentu. The beaches of the island are simply fantastic. Just come to the island and feel the pulse of it. The beautiful locales and the archeological ruins are simply irresistible. offers information about Sardinia along with other travel tips. For further details keep browsing through Travour.

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