Ischia Island

Ischia, one of the spectacular sea getaways has developed into a popular tourist spots even weathering the harsh behavior from mother nature. An island where volcanic eruption was an affair, has built itself as a luxury holiday spot ahere everyone looks for only one thing, 'relaxation'. Even the Greek gods came down to relax in Ischia. As the legend beckons Ulysses visited the island for its natural reservoir of thermal curative water.

The island popularly known as 'the island of eternal youth' gained its much hyped popularity when business magnet Angelo Rizzoli built many top graded hotels and spas for his relaxation. It was Rizzoli who projected the island as the 'island of eternal youth' and soon it became a hot spot for visitors as the place for health and beauty clinics.

Situated at the bay of Naples this volcanic island is covered with the fertile soil which has given rise to a thick vegetation of various types. This gives the true color to the island which is green. The trails of Bougainvillea, the palm fringed beaches, the orange groves and the numerous pines, olives and other trees dot the island. Ischia islands have e rich local produce of pomegranates, peaches, apricots, chestnuts and mushrooms.

Another facets of Ischia's beauty lies in its whitewashed walls. The whole of island seems to have bathed in white color. Still along with oter colors the green remains the dominant one in the island.

The island is also famous for its history, architecture, scenery, mild climate and tranquility. If you have thought that this is all of the Ischia islands then wait until you discover the beauty of the tiny unspoiled islands surrounding it and the natural hot springs on cliffs overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea.

The principal city of the island is Ischia with a population of around 17,500. The city is divided into two major parts; one being Ischia Ponte and the other Ischia Porto. The economy of the island is tourism based.

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