Welcome to the land of fantasy! The world of Fairy tale. Everything where is fair. Absolutely fair! The land of ice, absolutely white yet named Greenland! The land of the Arctic. The amazing land close to the North poles where the sun sets only once in a year. Experience the unbelievable experience of sunlight throughout six months on a stretch.

Amazingly around 81% of the total land is covered by snow which is known as Greenlandic ice cap. The weight of this covering has created a dent of around 300m which has further depressed the land to form a basin lower than the ocean surrounding the island. The climate is usually very extreme. A year round experience of sub zero temperature. Among which the south-west part has a milder climate which allows the settlers to inhabit that region. The inhabitants of the island have mostly Kalaallit (Inuit) and Scandinavian ancestry and the major language spoken in the island is Greenlandic (Kalaallisut). With a population of just more than 50,000, the island offers loads of space to adventure seekers. The island is the home for year long winter sports.

The settlement in the island is mostly located near and along the ice-free coast. The northeastern part of Greenland is the home to the world's largest national park. One of the many wony wonders of the island.

Transportation within the island is truly exciting. The dog sledge is the most amazing transit vehicle in the world. The exciting ride on pulled by the dogs enthralls every traveler. Other than that you can afford a snow scooter, but that is banned in certain places and is considered safe for traveling.

The regions in Greenland are classified as

  • North & Disko Bay


  • West Greenland


  • Qaanaaq - known as Thule
  • South Greenland
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