The second largest island of Europe, Iceland is situated south of the Arctic circle. Though not a part of the mainland Europe but cultural and linguistic similarities makes it a part of the continent. As a matter of fact Iceland is considered to be among one of the Scandinavian countries because of the striking similarities in languages, culture , lifestyle and economy. The land experiences predominantly cold weather with lots of snow during winter. The North Atlantic Ocean surrounds the island.

The island stretching to a 3088 miles coast line is dotted with numerous fjords. An amazing 10% of the island is covered with Glacier. This attracts many tourists to the amazing island. The coastline holds a pivotal position in the daily life of the island. Most of the towns are situated on the coastline itself. The interiors of the island are mainly the highlands which are very cold and uninhabited. The topography is mostly the combination of sand and mountains.

The bigger towns of the islands are Reykjavík, Keflavík, where the international airport is situated, and Akureyri. Reykjavik being the capital, attracts more tourists than other towns.

The history of fauna in the island is quite interesting. The arctic fox was the only mammal that arrived on the island walking over the frozen sea at the end of the ice age. The island does not have any count of native reptiles or amphibians. The number of species of insects found in the island too is relatively lower in count compared to other parts of the world.

the most flourishing and established industry of the island is its fishing industry. It constitutes around 8% of the total workforce of the country and provides a staggering 40% of the export earnings.

Tourism in Iceland is in its developmental stage. Not many tourists prefer this isolated island for their vacation because of the adverse climate. But those who pay a visit knows that it can only be compared to a magical land. the island provides extremely brilliant facilities to its visitors.

Iceland offers loads to explore for those who wants to add that 'extra' into their tour itinerary. For further information about Iceland, you can check out

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