Antigua Vacation Packages

The long awaited time has come, you are heading for the best time of your life. You are heading for your vacation. The time to rejoice, to rejuvenate and to recharge your lost senses. The most enjoyable vacations are the ones spend on the islands. These vacations adds another dimension to your life with the excitements of beaches and blondes. An ideal sea vacation is always related to the Caribbean holidays, the place to let yourself freak out under the basking sun. a touch of glamour is added with these vacations if it is planned in Antigua. The paradise lying in the midst of the soothing sea. Make your trip to Antigua a hassle free one with the Antigua Vacation Packages. The package to make your trip a memorable one with the stay at some o the best of the Caribbean hotels and the delicious food of the islands and the famous Carib beer and the Caribbean rum!

Make your special holiday in the island of Antigua with a visit to the capital city of the island, St John's. the city enchants its visitors with the unique charm of the cobblestone sidewalks and 19th century wooden houses. The strolling on the beaches and enjoying the fun at the beaches with the activities associate with it will definitely make your day. Get the ooh la la feeling of the exotic flavors of the delicacies of the Caribbean in the vacation in Antigua. The restaurants will give an ambience of home away from home filling your appetite to the best.

The vacation is incomplete without having the taste of the fabulous accommodation facilities of the island. Some of the better hotels offering the best of the deals in Antigua are

  • Blue Heron by rex resorts
  • Dian Bay Resort and Spa
  • Galley Bay Hotel
  • Halcyon Cove by rex resorts
  • Hawksbill Beach by rex resorts
  • Jolly Beach Resort
  • Occidental Grand Pineapple Beach
  • St. James Club

Look out for some of the exciting cruise packages to Antigua. Feel the experience of luxury in the vessel floating over the colossus sea. The island also has some brilliant yacht and sailing packages on offering. Simply come and enjoy the king of your good times of your life in Antigua! offers information about Antigua Vacation Packages along with other travel tips. For further details keep browsing through Travour

Last Updated On: 21st Jan 2013