Tourist Attractions in Madagascar

Welcome to the 'Great Red Island!'

The very mention of Madagascar conjures up images of dense forests that are a mass of a trillion stems, dripping leaves and slithering, jumping, quirky creatures: lemurs, periwinkles and baobabs, aloes, geckoes, sifakas and octopus trees.

Fact of the matter is Madagascar is among the largest islands in the world. It lies on the Indian ocean and boasts of a spectacular landscape that is both varied and rich.The plant and life forms on the island are one of their kinds. Quite a few species are indigenous and are only found in this part of the earth. This happens to be one of world’s most biologically diverse areas.

The capitalAntananarivo is the most populated city. People come to this part of the world to explore the tropical rainforest on the eastern side of the island. There is plenty of opportunity to go trekking on nature trails on Maromokotro.

There is a lot to see and do in Madagascar but there are certain sights you must explore:

Ranomafana National Park

Parc National Ranomafana
BP. 2 - Fivondronana Ifanandiana, 312 Ranomafana
Phone : + (261 20) 75 523 02 / (261 33) 01 228 55
Email :

The word 'Ranomafana' comes from the Malagasy word for 'hot water'. The park lies over an area of four hundred and fifteen square kilometres; and has dense forests, lakes and large mountainous tracts. The forest is home to lemurs, civets, bats, tenrecs and several bird species. Off the hundred and fifteen species of birds more than 30 are endemic to the region!

For those interested in forest treks there are several circuits in the forest, notably the Soaraono circuit; Varijatsy circuit; Sahamalaotra; and Varibolomena.

Tsingy de Bemaraha

Antsalova, Madagascar
Phone: +261 20 62 226 56

This UNESCO World Heritage Site is a must visit. This nature reserve is known for the Manambolo River Canyon, dense forests, acres of marshland and beautiful uplands. The reserve boasts of a unique 'limestone forest' famous for pointed needle like hill peaks.

Isalo National Park

The forest boasts of spectacular natural vistas; but what's special about the place is the traditional burial sites of the local Bara tribes. The reserve has large tracts of sandstone plains marked by twisted rocky formations. Inhabitants include lemurs, sifakas and several bird species.

Avenue of the Baobabs

The natural wonder in Menabe is quite a popular attraction. The entire road from Morondava to Belon I' Tsiribihina is line with these trees, some of which are more than a 1000 years old. This species of baobab is endemic to the region and are remnants of the dense forests that covered this part of Madagascar in the olden times.

Nosy Managabe

This island nature reserve is an extension of the Masoala National Park. The only way to and from the reserve is by sailing. The historic island is home to different animal and plant species. This part of Madagascar used to be a pirate hangout once upon a time.

Cape Sainte

This little nature reserve is famous for its turtle population.

Ile Ste-Marie

This lovely island once used to be a favorite pirate haunt. The quaint villages and acres of unspoilt greens make the place perfect for a quite nature holiday.