A little paradise lying on the eastern coast of Central America in the Caribbean sea is nothing short of a jewel in the crown of the pride Caribbean islands. The island is under the governance of the coveted her Excellency Queen Elizabeth II. The name of the island is shared among the Belize river and Belize city. The island is bordered by Mexico to the northwest and Guatemala to the west and south.

Belize has been a British colony for more than a century thus emerging as the only English speaking nation in the Central American region. The country was previously known as the British Honduras until 1973 when the name changed and in 1981 the nation became an independent body.

Being a member of Caribbean Community (CARICOM) and the Sistema de Integración Centroamericana (SICA) Belize upholds both cultures of the Caribbean and Central America. It is however the smallest non-island state in the Americas.

Belize upholds a rich history with Maya civilization prevailing over the island during 1500 BC and 300 BC. the island witnessed the arrival of the British in 1638.

The present day Belize administration is divided into six district namely:

  • Belize District- capital Belize City
  • Cayo District- capital San Ignacio
  • Corozal District- capital Corozal Town

  • Orange Walk District- capital Orange Walk Town
  • Stann Creek District- capital Dangriga
  • Toledo District- capital Punta Gorda

    The topography of the island mainly consists of flat land, swampy coastal plains, in places heavily forests. The island has a rich reserve of diversified flora life. The Caribbean coast of the island is lined with a long coral reef, the second longest in the world after the Great Barrier Reef.

    The economy of the island is chiefly dependent upon tourism with agriculture and snall scale industries adding strength. The island enjoyed an annual 3.8% growth in GDP in the year 2005.

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