Tourist Attractions in Samoa

Tourist Attractions in Apia, Samoa

Robert Louis Stevenson Museum, Apia

This Historic home; Museum was once the home of famous poet Robert Louis Stevenson for the last few years of his life. This place itself is also the burial site of the legendary poet whose name has become synonymous with Samoa and is important to Samoa, where he is lovingly called or referred as tusitala, the teller of tales

Kava Kavings Handicraft, Apia

This Specialty Shop is the best place to pick some native Samoan handicrafts, such as spears, hair clasps and coconut-shell ukuleles as souvenirs. The shop also sells items imported from other South Pacific countries.

Old Apia Market, Apia

This bustling flea market offers some interesting Samoan handicrafts or mats for a steal. In fact, tourists can also watch the process of making them.

Papapapaitai Falls, Apia

This cascading waterfall that plunges 500 feet into a volcanic crater is a spectacular soght. Papaseea Sliding Rock, Apia Another lovely waterfall, where you can experience the thrill of skimming the 16-foot waterfall down this natural rock slide.

Tourist Attractions in Upolu, Samoa

Marketi Tuai, Upolu

This former flea market now is a out and out craft market, where souvenir collectors jam throughout the day to shop for mementos and gifts to take back home for friends and family. Some items of clothing are also sold here.

Mt Vaea, Upolu

Do not forget to climb this mountain just outside. Enjoy trekking up the easy footpath up this mountain, and enjoy a scenic view from the mountaintop as a reward for hiking.

Fale Fono, Upolu

This is the new Samoan Fono (Parliament), opened in 1972. The architectural design of the structure closely follows the tenets of the traditional samoan fale. The building has often been compared to a beehive, by those who are not familiar with Wellingtons new parliament buildings in New Zealand.

Piula Cave Pool, Upolu

Visit the unusual pool at Piula, located on a rocky beach that separates it from the sea. Though tourists are allowed to swim in this refreshing pool of water, it is a generous gesture to contribute something.

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