Tourist Attractions in New Caledonia

"Slow down and enjoy life. It's not only the scenery you miss by going to fast - you also miss the sense of where you are going and why."

Eddie Cantor

Lost in South Seas dreams? Beautiful palm-lined beaches bordering a vast lagoon, sensational diving on coral reefs and great sailing, plus a long tradition of French culture? No, we're not talking about French Polynesia, but the somewhat more-off-the-beaten-path islands of New Caledonia. Several Tourist Attractions in New Caledonia have been attracting travelers from all over the world for years.

Options for travelers in New Caledonia are vast, from diving on pristine reefs to dining out à la français, from trekking in unspoilt rainforest to partying the night away at a nightclub in Noumea. With a nod to local custom and an open mind, a trip to New Caledonia will be unforgettable.

Nouméa has progressively evolved while retaining the consecutive marks of its past. Nouméa is now a garden city, where urbanization and nature blend pleasantly, a good-looking present capital in the South Pacific: France's showcase in the region.

Continue along the streets flanked by old colonial houses, the bays highlighted by hibiscus and bougainvilleas, the marina, an inspiring contemporary architectural design and on to beaches gently caressed by the trade winds, for everybody to enjoy, right in the heart of the city! You must visit here-

The Place des Cocotiers
Moselle Bay
Orphelinat Bay
The Anse Vata Bay
The Mount Ouen Toro
The Henry Milliard horse racing track
The Hagen Castle In The Heart Of The Settlers Valley
The Museum of New Caledonia
The City of Nouméa Museum
The Geological Museum
The Maritime History Museum
The Michel Corbasson Zoological and Forest Park
The Aquarium of Nouméa
The Bernheim Library
The Saint-Joseph Cathedral
The Tjibaou cultural centre
The Mwâ Ka and the ethno-botanical garden
Heritage Tour Noumea City Centre
The Kuendu Bay
L'île aux Canards

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