It was very consuming, in terms of the diving. My memory of Bermuda is a mixed one, because I can't remember having a lot of time off.

Jacqueline Bisset

Yes, Bermuda does not allow you with much timeouts! The ideal place to keep you busy with fun and enjoyments. The island upholds the picture of ultimate luxury laced with loads of entertainment and of course beach and food.

Bermuda is an overseas province of the United Kingdom in the North Atlantic Ocean. It is located on the eastern coast of the United states of America, 640 miles northeast of Florida and east-southeast of Cape Hatteras. Known as the Bermuda Islands it stands a s the oldest remaining British overseas territory. It was settled by England almost a century ago.

Bermuda is usually referred to as a single island entity but is actually a conglomeration of 138 islands together. The territory covers an area of 71.7 square kilometers. The most confusing yet interesting aspect of Bermuda is the nomenclature of the places of the islands. Many parts of the nation incidentally carries the same name tag. For instance, two islands named "Long Island", two bays known as "Long Bay". The capital city of Bermuda is Hamilton which lies in Pembroke Parish. The largest of the islands, the "Main Islands" is sometimes referred to as Bermuda or "Great Bermuda".

The islands were discovered in the early 1500's by a Spanish explorer named Juan de Bermudez. The islands were extensively used by both the Spanish and Portuguese explorer but they never settled there. The spot was used as the replenishment center during the voyage.

The present day administration of the island comprises of two municipalities called the City of Hamilton and the Town of St. George. The other localities in the island are often referred to as the 'Villages'.

The island is located in the sub-tropical region with strong influences of the Gulf Stream. The climate of the island is characterized by high humidity with the summers becoming quite sultry.

The island enjoys a strong base of financial exports in insurance and other financial services. other pillar in the economy of the country is the tourism industry. The islanders enjoy a 50% appreciation in the per capita income against that of the citizens of U.S.A. as a matter of fact according to a survey Bermuda has recorded the highest G.D.P. in the world.

The island is dominated by the black population with 54% of the share of the pie. English is widely spoken in Bermuda.

Bermuda offers loads to explore for those who want to add that 'extra' into their tour itinerary. For further information about Bermuda, you can check out

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