Grand Bahama Island

One of the northernmost of the Bahama Islands, Grand Bahama is the nearest major island to the United States. It is situated just 90 km away from the shoreline of Florida. Being the fourth largest island in the Bahama island chain of approximately 700 isles, this islet is 96 miles long west to east and 17 miles at its widest point north to south. The Spanish gave the island the name Gran Bajamar, meaning "Great Shallows", and what the eventual name of the Bahama islands as a whole is derived from.

Look for the best-kept secret on Grand Bahama Island on an isolated beach, within the green tangle of a mangrove marsh, or in the multi-colored folds of a coral reef. Natural attractions are the finest assets of this island. Better leave the mechanical appeal of a Freeport nightlife and get mesmerized by the natural beauty of this locale. The beauty consists of Lucayan National Park and Rand Memorial Nature Center where 18 of the 28 endemic birds and 52 species of orchids will bid you a hearty welcome.

And then there is the sea. The reefs of Grand Bahama are spectacular in both geographical scope and biological diversity. Among the island's underwater treasures are the Hawksbill turtle, seahorses, dolphins, Caribbean reef sharks, and dozens of species of both coral and fish.

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