The name of a Caribbean island chain consisted of over 600 islands is Grenadines. All these are positioned in the Windward Islands. However, these Caribbean isles are divided between the island nations of Saint Vincent, Grenadines and Grenadines. Amongst these Grenadines include:

Petite Nevis
Petite Mustique
Petite Canouan
The Tobago Cays
Union Island
Petit Saint Vincent
Palm Island

So now it's up to you whether you would delay in visiting such a wonderful locale, or rush to explore the picturesque landscape of these islands of which many are still uninhibited.

If you are going to Grenadines Islands, it would be too tough to resist yourself from visiting St Vincent. St Vincent and the Grenadines are located in the south Eastern Caribbean. The Grenadines are some 32 islands. Only 8 of the Grenadines are populated. For hikers and snorkelers the remainders are bird sanctuaries and magnificent sea beaches. The sanctuaries are volcanic in origin, largely crisscrossed with inlets where clear aqua blue waters shallow up on excellent white sand seashore.

The larger islands include Bequia, Mustique, Canouan, Palm, Petit St. Vincent, Mayreau and Union. There are some unpopulated isles and rocks including the well-known Tabago Cays. All the Grenadines have beautiful spongy white coral sand beaches and clear water, perfect for snorkeling, diving and sailing. Make a visit to these islands and step into the past. Come to Grenadines where warm breezes blow.

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