In the eastern Caribbean Sea, Martinique is an island possessing a total area of 1,128 km². This beautiful place is an overseas département of France. Therefore, the poetry in lifestyle is also seen in the atmosphere of this one of the 26 regions of France. As part of France, Martinique is part of the European Union; the currency used here is the Euro. Though its official language is French, however, almost all of its population speaks Antillean Creole.

Martinique's history reflects the advent of Christopher Columbus. The first European to inhabit the island was the Frenchman Pierre Belan d'Esnambuc who founded a settlement on the island in 1635. Spaniards did not colonize the island. Jacques-Dyel du Parquet bought the island and developed a rich and wealthy colony.

Martinique's culture is a combination of French and Caribbean influences. Saint-Pierre, its previous capital, was often referred to as the Paris of the Lesser Antilles. Based in French, Martinique's Creole also incorporates elements of English, Spanish, Portuguese, and African languages. Originally passed down through oral storytelling traditions, it continues to be used more often in speech than in writing.

Today, the island takes pleasure in a higher standard of living than most other Caribbean countries. The finest French products are easily available, from Chanel fashions to Limoges porcelain. For the French, Martinique has been a vacation hotspot for many years, attracting both upper-class and more budget-conscious travelers.

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