The island of Maui covering a total land area of 727 square miles (1883 km²) is the second largest of the Hawaiian Islands. A part of the State of Hawaii and the largest island in Maui County, Maui Island resident population was marked at 139,884 in the year 2006, The third largest populated Island of the state of Hawaii behind the islands of Oahu and Hawaii.

The origin of the name of the Island of Maui is shrouded in mystery with different stories about how the island was christened. According to the native Hawaiian tradition, the origin of the island's name can be traced to the legend of Hawaiiloa, the Polynesian navigator who is credited for the discovery of the Hawaiian Islands. According to the story, which now has the status of folklore in the Hawaiian Islands, it is narrated that Hawaiiloa named the island of Maui after his son who in turn was baptized so in the honor of the demi-god Maui. As the legend has it, it is believed that it was the demi-god Maui who raised all the Hawaiian Islands from the sea.

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