New Zealand

Welcome to New Zealand, the island paradise of Australia, comfortably sitting in the south-western Pacific Ocean consisting of two large islands North Island and South Island and many more islands much smaller than the other two mentioned. Of these satellite islands, Stewart Island and the Chatham Islands are the most notable ones.

New Zealand proudly ranks amongst the top holiday destinations in the world. Its lush environmentally beauty unspoiled by evils of overdevelopment, picturesque beauty, Lord of the Rings film setting, adventure filled activities, kaleidoscopic culture and value for money has made it the second best value destination for tourists, as rated by Lonely Planet.

It is best to plan your visit to New Zealand to coincide with some of the major events that act like a magnet for tourists all round the world to come to New Zealand, like:

New Zealand Spring Festival: Hubert Church, had aptly quoted the spring in this country always comes with suddenness, "like a love too long withheld." And thus an effervescent festival to welcome spring after biting chill of the winters. Join in the ostentatious food and wine festivals in Kaikoura and Martinborough, as well as garden festivals in Taranaki, Marlborough and Tauranga and much more.

Armstrong Peugeot Festival Of Cycling 2006: An international cycling event held at Christchurch, is a rage with cyclists from all over the world.

81 st International Maxxis Fim Six Days Enduro: With the cyclists in tow, who can expect the motor bikers to stay far behind. Hailed as the Olympic games of dirt bike motorcycling, this prestigious motorcycling event has bikers all round the world pumping their accelerators to join in this eight decades old event.

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