Looking for a unique vacation? Don't even think twice and just pack your bags for Singapore. The "unique" city of the world which has it all for a perfect vacation. From the sea to the secluded places, from ethnicity to the ultra modern infrastructure, Singapore truly portrays the essence of being 'unique'.

Singapore a conglomeration of 63 small islands including the main islands itself is a homogeneous mixture of different cultures and ethnicity. It is a nice amalgamation of Malay population with the third generation Chinese being in the majority. It is also home to a decent population of Indians and Arab immigrants some Eurasians and Peranakans. The culture has mixed well into a single 'family; in Singapore through intermarriages. The homogeneity in the culture of culture is best showcased in the Singaporean cuisines which has different flavors of the different worlds. Tourists usually do not face any problem regarding coversing with the locals as English widely spoken in the island country, though Singaporeans love to speak Singlisk, Singapore's very own English.

Singapore is a perfect amalgamation of ethnicity and modernism. A single day tour will take you to a whirlwind journey from the old traditional culture of Singapore to the high-tech world. You have the opportunity to witness the past, present and the future all at the same place in Singapore. The tall, sleek sky scrapers scripts the success story of the island which has turned itself into a major economic super power of the world.

Regarded as the city of entertainment and leisure Singapore offers a plethora of options to its tourists. From the age old yet rich cultural summits to the enthralling nightlife or even a night with the wildlife; Singapore never falls short of expectations.

The shopping and the Food capital of the world offers the 'never before' opportunities to the 'shopaholics' and the 'food lovers'. Dotted with the best of the shopping malls and restaurants, tourists from round the world sometimes plan their visit to Singapore only for shopping and fooding. Get the best of the brands under one roof in the shopping malls of Singapore along with the representation of the superior food chains of the world. You might suffer from the problems of plenty here.

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